The Ten co zushi strain


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The Ten co Zushi strain

When there are ten oysters in the shell, they lose all their vibrancy and flavor. Also known as zuiso. This the ten co zushi Strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid that carries different nicknames, such as ten kush, among others.

This strain is absolutely beautiful and dramatic in color. Deep purple and orange flowers line its green pistils, peeping upwards and mingling. Their ways around the stems as they stretch towards the blossoms. Whilst light greens and yellows and yellow florets flow by the petals. In addition to the pieces of this fragrant powder, which is more prominent. When you start to fracture it, have an irregular and oblong shape, the smell is much stronger.

THC Content Zushi Strain

Though the amounts range between 16% and 24% in tested samples. THC percentages average at around the upper teens in the batch. The current user reviews state that people that state that those who have tried this variety report. It made the two bodily systems work better while taking away stiffness and leaving peacefulness. Some enjoyed using it for social functions, socializing, as well as hanging out. And for going to live shows and entertainment.


Many others enjoyed themselves and played with their hobbies by staying at home and painting or decorating with ten Zushi strains. It has been reported that the Zushi strain may have caused an increase in their appetite.


You will undoubtedly be pleased to learn that the ten co Zzushi strain was awarded first place in the Seattle Cup in 2019. There’s a hybrid named Durban Poison, with the smell of cannabis, and menthol added to it.


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