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What is Special Queen Strain?

This near-even hybrid is a cross of Power Bud and Skunk, two common medicinal strains. It has moderate special queen THC levels, ranging between 14 and 16 percent in available samples, making it a decent choice for beginners and casual consumers.

While CBD levels are unknown, studies indicate that the chemical is in short supply, making the Special Queen strain unsuitable for treating conditions that respond to CBD, such as pediatric seizure disorders. However, the piece is effective as a treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and persistent nerve pain. The Indica-dominant results are mainly emotional, with a relaxed, comfortable body high and mental relaxation.

Parent Strain

Many weed strains exist that are the product of years of deliberate, selective cross-breeding. Some, including OG Kush, are members of well-known pot communities. Others have varieties that are exclusive to their kin, such as Strawberry Banana or Blueberry.

Since its parents are anonymous, the Special strain queen is a fascinating strain. Instead, it’s part of a more prominent weed family.

The Royal Queen Seeds tried to establish something new by mixing strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan, widely known as ground race. It is a strain of potent Indica combining the world’s finest.

You will always have good thoughts, but now you’ll have to search the closest soft surface to slip into the indica sensation. These story munchies often tend to arise, leading to hunger pangs that you have certainly never encountered before.

Special Queen THC level – Highest Test

Unique Kush weed’s exciting thing is that it does not have astronomically high special queen THC level material, considering the powerful and visible results.

It is milder rather than the generally elevated amounts many strains appear to have nowadays.

In a single Special Kush sample, you can expect to find around 17 percent THC. It’s enough to build the well-known soporific and happiness effects, without wiping you out in five minutes absolutely.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This strain was not bred for its CBD content, like almost any other Indian strain coming out of the racial strains in India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan.

While the monstrously high THC levels are not the same as those of low CBD strains, the strain’s original growers have chosen to breed a totally CBD-free strain.

Depending on growing approaches, you can notice specific variations, but you would usually not use CBD.

Special Queen Strain Aroma 

There is a variety of Indica with a very similar flavor. Most of the time, they have strains, skunks, and hash components of the OG Kush culture.

In this respect, the particular queen weed is no different, with its flavor somewhat like the original smell from OG Kush’s whole room. However, as you start to tear off the buds, the scent of this strain shifts and morphs, giving a multitude of deeper, deeper flavors.

Deep, thanksgiving, and mildly sticky soiling are paired with an oddly spicy beer scent. The supposed skunk ness of this strain appears to run counter to it.

All combine into a delightful scent, but the aroma is far more famous for the strain.

  • Citrus
  • Lemon
  • Pine
  • Sour
  • Sweet


          The flavor is strikingly like the initial fragrance of the potent strain. It’s got plenty of thick and throaty skunk ness and hash characteristics. It tastes slightly like a spice market in Arabia, but the layers are exciting and exciting beneath the initial flavor.

Most of the time, people think of pepper spice when mentioned as having a spicy taste. But one of the only and distant herbs is the spice in the flavor of the Special Kush strain: chili, tea, nutmeg, and some aniseed.

After a little bit on the palate, both white and black pepper’s taste evolves very actively. The characteristic tang of peppery jerky tastes surprisingly after the first slice.

This settles in a quiet intensity and earthiness, making your mouth feel a little overwhelmed and incredibly well-formed, near-palatinate sensation.

  • Citrus
  • Lemon
  • Pine


          It is a strain made out of ancient, favorite pieces, so it will look very traditional. The vine leaves and buds are plainly mottled green, and these telltale weed leaves are shown.

The most obvious thing about this strain is the sheer quantity of orange pistils which dot the surface. These dark hairs are grown from below the bud and have a lot of fragrance. This makes smoking much more enjoyable.

Special Queen Strain Medical Benefits

Special queen has a wide range of valuable medicinal advantages. Thanks to the delightful and emotional feelings you encounter for the first few hours of this high, all of these effects are beneficial. Consequently, people also use Special Kush to cope with depression, fear, and unreasonable stress problems.

The Special strain’s other significant medicinal advantage is that it will make you fall asleep, nearly immovable. A lot of people could think of falling asleep very quickly and very profoundly as a negative thing. However, it can be considered a miracle for those who are unable to fall asleep.

It is an excellent strain with several options for insomnia or some illness that makes sleeping nearly impossible.

This strain also causes a lovely feeling of extreme hunger called the munchies. So, if you have trouble eating well, keep the pressure on your side.

Naturally, specific issues with some pressure will still be present. Often there are just a few complications with any essential medical gain.

Possible Side Effects

The most medicinal advantage – it can knock you off within a couple of hours – is the first significant side effect. 

While for those with insomnia, it seems beneficial, this strain is so soporific that it can make you sleep whether you want it or not.


In comparison, It gives you the very usually dry mouth and dry eyes side effects. 

Any smoker can understand following two facts are intimate.

  • Maintain a water glass to be hydrated and maybe invest in a humidifier to maintain the air moist.
  • Besides, make sure you don’t take Extra Kush too many at once. When taken to extremes, you seem to be utterly wiped out and miss the fun stage of calm and euphoria annoyingly.



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