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RS 11 Starin Doja Packs and Cans

Doja sells various packs of strains and now well known due to his quality strain product like Doja rs11 packs. RS 11 strain is now selling in bags, Doja rs11 packs, and Cali tins kaufen by the Doja or Deo Farms Wizard Trees. So, I will provide the screen of RS11 that can decide whether to buy this or not.

Doja RS11 Strain Genetics

As popular in the cannabis area due to his THC content. The original breeder is Deep East Farm, that bred by a combination of Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, Zkittlez, and OG Kush very properly. If anyone asks who is the big distributor of Rs11 then Doja Exclusive is the right answer. therefore well known by Doja RS11 Strain in Cannabis lover mind.

About RS11 Strain Doja Exclusive

Appearance: As soon as I opened the bag and dumped it onto my table, my eyes chowed down on a grouping of medium size nugs that were of a rocky boulder like a framework, the tones shifted and forth between a mint green and a forest green, and had a lovely array of posterior cingulate strung around the flower-like lights across a plant of Christmas, a layer of tracks is current on the outer layer of the plant.

Smell: I quickly fill the space when the bag opened; at a first smell, I get a lovely, sour, and spicy perfume-like gas that sticks to the nostrils. There’s so much going on in the bag that it’s tough to spot every musk. I get, the easiest way to describe it is sort of like a bowl of frosted flakes with peppery gas. That ends with a sour tang on the back, a genuinely fascinating smell.

Taste: I get a sweet and sour taste on the joint’s dry pull that was very similar to some form of meringue dessert. I light up and close my eyes and really take my first puff, touching my lips together. While this rich, smooth, earthy sweetness fills my mouth with a slight change to the incredible first feeling. The exhale gave me a very similar sensation. But had gas flavours blended in with the phenomenal taste that this bud provides. The bowl has the same smell, and the bong leans a bit closer to the bite’s gas side.

Effects: It was right before I reached the halfway mark. Where I could sense that the buzz was starting in my lower back. And eventually creeping up and beginning to calm every muscle in my body. Around 3/4 of the jay that the stone was beginning to set in my mind and getting rid of every tension. I’ve had, like listening to waves crashing into the water, taking you in a tiny meditative state. The high is really bright and pure, not a little cloudy. And I keep going through my day in an absolutely fantastic mood.




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