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King Louis XIII Strain Hybrid Type and Genetic

The genetic lineage of the King Louis XIII strain is an Indica-leaning blend and is made up of Confidential OG Kush and another Kush strain. OG Kush has still gained its following thanks to people who’ve enjoyed it for many decades. That is why it remains one of the most expensive Indica to be found in a pharmacy.


when smelling of King Louis XIII odor, there is also known to be distinctive in the space. It is said to have a piney smell, and people have identified it as. An incredible amount of honey and other perfumes are included in the flavor of Louis is filled in the place, creating a wonderful musky fragrance that conjures up memories of old gold.


According to the pot-strength [importance] of its fragrance, you can breathe a sigh of relief that King Louis XIII  strain does not really taste quite as strong as it may appear? when you take the last breath of it, it produces a pleasantly earthy smell and a noticeable sticky residue on your tongue


The calyces of this strain are often are thick and ring-shaped. When in flower, this plant’s buds are fully covered in green, delicate crystals and are considerably more luminous than its relatives in the OG varieties.

 King Louis XIII Strain THC Content – Highest Test

As long as King Louis XIII strains THC Levels between 20% and 24%. Though, we’ve learned of people who’ve had their THC levels max out at 28%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In contrast to regular cannabis, this one has little to no CBD and is very low in THC. This ratio implies that the THC levels are normally greater than 20% while the CBD levels are under 100:1.

King Louis XIII Strain Medical Benefits

Louis XIII of France is credited with the discovery of King Louis XIII Strain Medical Benefits Cannabis. This seems like a simple job for those around him and he is definitely an early O.G.G. And since it is so successful, it has a large number of potential medical applications. The biggest benefit of meditating is that it will help those who suffer from chronic depression, so this is first on the list. Since it has the ability to knock people out, patients who are still tired out, those who find themselves waking in the middle of the night can experience deep slumber for the first time in ages.

When you use King Louis XIII strain, you can fall into a state of manic excitement or remove yourself so far above your surroundings that you stop caring about mundane things. And, because of this, it may be just the thing for someone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or for someone who is predisposed to it. Due to its power, this herb’s efficacy in treating muscle and joint pain, as well as lowering inflammation, suggest using it to treat inflammation or arthritis or have the appetite under control if you are looking to improve your health

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When these nuggets are damaged, they are so sticky that you must have to scrape or chew to free them. It smells of this hybrid strain, which has a deep, woody earthiness along with the addition of a slightly intoxicating skunk scent. People talk about this type of cannabis having notes of diesel and citrus and actually meaning the scent of diesel because of how it smells and tastes. When smoke is inhaled, it can prove harsh on the throat.


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