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The Khalifa Kush strain is Wiz’s version of the most potent cannabis An association has been created between the rapper and Colorado’s RiverRock brand and this cannabis cultivator, which calls it “relaxing but energizing”. KB. He sometimes abbreviates the name of the strain to KK.

Kush has proven to have high levels of both the and THC, which has led to countless calls for reinstatement from its longtime customers: 26 to 29 percent is the standard OG Kush is the appropriate strain for a kid; its CBD content is about 2 percent.


Mr. Khalifa is part of a consortium that distributes cannabis products and promotes unique cannabis strains, which includes Willie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge, and others. The cannabis industry is planning to develop a number of partnerships with stars to provide more high-profile and recognizable brands, such as Khalifa Kush, in the near future.

How introduce khalifa Kush?


The Cookie Co. 415 in San Francisco was the first to introduce Khalifa Kush to the market. He maintained that OG Kush, which was so difficult to produce, took a very long time to manifest. Khalifaadavoussi began with Khalifa personally testing the product and eventually gave his blessing to the company to continue expanding the operation. A lot of people think that Genetics will remain top secret forever, and as far as the real Kush goes, but it’s said that the true one really does grow only at the dispensaries.

Though OG Kush has an earthy flavor, Khalifa would have liked the type to have been sweeter and pungentarier, and the smoke smelled a bit more delicate, it’s essentially the same type of weed as what Khalifa would have wanted.

Why buy Khalifa Kush strain?

Considered the optimal strain for early in the morning or in the day and the night to provide increased mental alertness and focus, so it’s recommended for a wake and bake. As a result, breeders created the strain to produce positive emotions and lower body activity levels of stress and tension. Higher than average levels of THC present in the body without any overt effects on the nervous system sedation, which should appeal to both recreational and medical users. People with light sensitivity and new users should be careful with this strong medicine.

Mild and moderate cases may benefit from low to moderate levels of sedation while those with a greater need of help in regard to anxiety, stress, and those in need of it can go as high as required for severe cases. People who have difficulties with marijuana burning often prefer this particular type of cannabis smoke because it doesn’t irritate the throat as much as other types do.

Grow information

Khalifa Kush will be small, or somewhat larger, green with orange hairs, and willowy hairs, and concentrated, or medium-sized, and contain high levels of resin. Whether it is a seed strain or a 3rd gen, grow it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, OG Kush remains stable to varying degrees. This plant is certainly quite bushy and it does very well. Harvest when the plant has finished growing as much as it can when it’s ready in the 60 day period.


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