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Kaufen Melon Burst Strain Amsterdam.

Maybe you taste many strains in your own life, but I suppose that you now not taste and check the Melon Burst Strain in his life. Kaufen melon burst from Loudpackvape coffeeshop to enjoy it.

About Melon Burst Strain:


Melon Burst Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that has a significant content of Indica and Sativa. The ratio of the Sativa and Indica in melonBurst is 60%:40%.

THC Content

The strain is a right combination of unknown genetics on which now the search is ongoing if we not now confirmed his genetic but has a significant effect on his medical. The range of THC content is between 11% to 17%.

The THC content of Melon cannabis has provided a wide range of outcomes. THC content varies from 11 to 17 percent on average, with a maximum of 20 percent. We’ve heard unsubstantiated rumors that those cuts have a THC concentration of 29%.


The strain of Melon marijuana has an unmistakable sweet aroma, similar to fruit sweets. If you close your eyes and breathe deeply, you’ll detect the scent of fresh strawberries, as well as hints of sugar and earthiness.


As you might expect, this strain looks and tastes like pineapple! The sweet berry flavor is delightful, and you’ll want to eat even more of it; don’t overdo it with the blunt! You might get hints of tropical fruit with a honey taste that lingers beautifully on the exhaling slowly.

The way you look

The buds of this strain are pale green, with pink undertones visible if you look closely enough. The frosty white trichomes are the icing on the cake, and the bright orange hairs stand out against the light-colored backdrop.

Some Review About Its Effect:


In a water bong, I smoked around a cup. Since I had a cough drop before, I can’t comment on the taste, but it smells delicious. However, I felt more concentrated and relaxed afterward, and I was inspired to move and even dance.


It’s good for lung expansion and people with respiratory problems like asthma or COPD. It has the potential to serve as a decongestant. Higher tolerance users may also benefit from the late-onset relaxed feelings, which may help with joint and muscle pain. Flower with an earthy, hydro taste. It acts as if it were a 50/50 hybrid.


Right now, I’m rising g this strain. With its super fruity fragrance and smooth oily stalks, it is certainly not a letdown. My plants can reach a height of about 13 feet and a width of about 16 feet. They produce an incredible amount of flowers. The 20th of August brings absolute heady 4 to 5 foot long colas. Here’s to a fantastic harvest!




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