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Dutch Treat is a dominant hybrid with strong indication that provides relaxation and sedation. This strain is best suited to use at night than during the day due to the nature of its effects. This strain is increasingly popular among consumers of medicinal marijuana, especially insomnia.

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Every one with an iota of knowledge about marijuana knows the famous coffee shop scene in Amsterdam. However, people are always surprised that in these shops, weed is technically illegal. It’s just a police case that turns its eyes blind! The Dutch Treat strain is, however, a staple of these places, as the name suggests. In North American dispensaries too, it is now regularly seen.

Dutch Treat Strain

It’s not a surprise if you’ve heard the name before. The popular Blue Hawaiian and God Bud strains were created as well. But East Island Seeds released the Dutch Treat strain, so popular in North America. The ‘new’ strain mix relies heavily on the Indica, and the Dutch original treatment is more equilibrated.

Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain Info


Dutch Treat is a lovely fragrant strain that can energize you with its very aroma. The fruity smell consisting of blueberries, sweets, and pine, and eucalyptus is an intense smelling experience.


This strain tastes as fruity as it smells, and the description of ‘mouthwatering.’ Sweet earth and pine are also hints. Dutch Treat ultimately gives the consumer a pleasant and sweet aftertaste.


Dutch Treat is limited and efficient and consists of beautiful green bunches loaded with trichomes. This strain looks almost ‘glazed,’ and it’s an aesthetic delight when the pistils start turning orange. Due to the vibrant colors and dense, sticky buds, you will know a healthy Dutch Treat plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

THC is the end of the line for the majority of marijuana users. However, it is not the best way to reflect on the THC content of a strain. A strain of 28% THC will not necessarily give you a higher than a higher strain of 18%. The most inexperienced users should stick to less than 20 percent THC content.

As for the Dutch treatment, laboratory tests have reported THC strain versions of 30%. This is very powerful and too powerful for beginners to eat. But 30% is in the highest range.. Dutch trials with a substantially lower level of THC of 18% are also available.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The topic of a lot of discussions is cannabidiol. Research seems to say, only with high levels, that THC provides similar medical advantages. You would be disappointed by the Dutch treatment as you hope for pressure with CBDs.

Its CBD content is rarely greater than 0.2%. In other words, the proportion of THC to CBD could exceed 125:1! The Netherlands treatment will also have medical advantages. In the section on “Medical benefits of the Netherlands Strain” below we will address the possible health benefits of the Dutch treatment. However, because of its strength, it’s not a strain you can use to reach the office quickly.

Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain Effects

It is a uniquely important strain, and you might initially feel like flying after you use it. The high brain produces a euphoric and uplifting feeling, and for no special reason can you smile. You want to chill out because it often calms the mind. It’s an outstanding tension.

Most lovers of the Netherlands treat to eat it in the evening after a difficult day at work and want to relieve tension. Your mind is still working, slower than normal, which will help you think more clearly. You will ultimately feel tired and ready to go to bed for a good night.

Medical Benefits of Dutch Treat Strain

It’s another popular therapeutic strain. Although Dutch treatment is strong, its impact is slow. They usually come easily instead of making you feel like a steam train has reached you. The Netherlands Treat customers say they should relax and relax. It is said to contribute to the relief of physical, mental, and even emotional tensions.

The soporific effects of Dutch Treat may be helpful in the fight against insomnia for medical consumers. Slowly you start to relax and sleep ends up catching up.

The euphoric and uplifting strain can also provide temporary relief for depressed consumers. The Dutch Treat can also help chronic pain sufferers. This strain has antiemetic effects as well. This will contribute to relieving nausea feelings.

Recall that these are merely anecdotal health benefits. So you need to discuss this with your medical practitioner in advance if you are going to use the Netherlands Treatment to relieve symptoms of your specific disorder.

Side Effects of Dutch Treat Strain

Although this strain is strong, the Netherlands Treat is not known for its unfavorable effects. If you have never been to marijuana before, you will feel nervous and paranoid. Symptoms of cotton mouth and dry eyes may be present.


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