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Purchase the best available prices from a retailer that also sells horse butter online. Calmed are available here in some places. That will expand your land monkey medication, donkey butter strain on the other hand is not so much.

It’s easy to see why this strain came to be called “bubblegum” until you take a breath of it. Once you get used to the smell, you will realize that it is fantastic at confining odoriferous. You will understand it is a good room smell catcher. The company developed a marijuana hybrid called Donkey Butter, which is a cross between the very exotic strains known as Grease Monkey and Triple OG. Often, a biotech known as Exotic Genetics expanded the races, Inc.

Donkey Butter Strain THC Content

Donkey Butter strain is highly potent, with an 18-27% THC percentage. But an excellent for relaxing and reducing stress, depending on the individual’s tolerance to the cannabinoid profile. Since this substance will burn your skin, be careful while you are smoking it. So that you have plenty of ventilation to avoid second-hand smoke. It releases mild effects that begin gradually and develop into something more substantial.

This product has very light levels of THC. You would be at least moderately high for a period of time ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours after smoking it. Once it has taken, you should be rewarded with a really pleasant feeling of tranquility and clarity that lasts for an afternoon of solid lockup. As great as Donkey Butter is, though, don’t get too hasty in making choices or you will suffer from a lack of discernment.




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