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As you can see in the photo, the Chernobyl strain comes from France, Germany, Norway, and others. Fine strain in Fredrik, Buy weed in West Fredrik, get some more info from the Kush to weed online shop.

Created from stories at TGA Genetics, Chernobyl is a Sativa-dominant hybrid! This Indica maintains the feelings of contentment for quite some time.

Do you believe it is a Sativa or an Indica?

Chernobyl Strain is a Sativa hybrid with a 20:80 ratio of Indica to Sativa genetics. Like Trainwreck get from Rippers, Trinity then gets bifurcated. Trinity eventually becomes crossed with Rips, similar to, so that you have Trinity crossed. Purchase cannabis concentrate for vaporizing

Chernobyl Strain Aroma, Flavor, Appearance


Many that have been near Chernobyl will still remember the wonderful, sweet smells of bananas. You’re immediately met with a flood of pleasingly fragrant smells!

What overpowers one’s senses is soon transformed into a delicious and tangy combination of fruit scents! Earthy

If you like candied bud, you will love this strain! This pressure sounds rougher than it is; it’s very nice!


If you’ve smelled Chernobyl Strain much, the flavor may not be too powerful. The inhalation is smooth, and the tastes are sharp and new.

Well, Chernobyls really wakes up the senses and makes your taste buds groove to the dance music of the lemon and lime taste buds. Flavors seem to settle on the palate and be heavier on the exhale


Chernobyl is almost mirrored in its mother in appearance. Consumers beware – This plant reportedly grows to over two meters in height!

Although, Chernobyl is fantastic with multiple-sized buds in a verdant appearance. She’s just gorgeous.

If you are searching for a short, dark Ukrainian lady, then she’s definitely not your type. Chernobyl is more than enough to hold you coming back; we’re not even talking about effectiveness yet!



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