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Chema is powerful and common because it has mind-bending effects This strain delivers a mild dose of THC but hits you quick and strong Chemo also has a strange and powerful diesel-like scent, with hints of evergreen.

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Chemdawg continues to be a strong rumour even if we have no evidence to prove either of its origins.

Though these are subject to change, one thing is for certain. And that Chem 91 strain has established itself as the place to go for people who enjoy cannabis. For our purposes, it has 15 to 20% THC in it, rendering it a very powerful strain. But the intense impact really kicks in within 15 minutes and lingers for around 2 hours.

Chemdawg Cannabis: What is Chem 91 Strain?

It is often referred to as a Sativa dominant because it creates chatty, easy-to-going people who are fast to do things, but brace yourself, as this is a very quick hitting pressure.

Suggested is an excellent parent strain, known for growing some of the most popular marijuana plants in the country, such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush! The origin of Chemdog is yet to be determined. Some say it originated from complicated seed exchanges at a Grateful Dead concert, whilst some claim it was bred in Colorado.

What we might definitely conclude is that this powerfully pleasant weed variety has been at the heart of the American cannabis industry for a long time.

Chemdawg 91 Strain Flavouring, Appearance

The first thing you’ll notice is the strong odour; think of pungent and mixed with chemicals and heavy fuel, and you might be roughly in the ballpark of the strength of this decoction. Since the fragrance has an earthy, diesel smell to it, you’ll either love or dislike the finished product!

Fragility, Fragilité

Though it appears rather wilted, it is as crisp as a leaf. it’s clear to see that it has the ability to rise tall, boasting long and tapered bud mass Vibrant, flaky skin (trichomes) covers the leaves There are beautiful pistils that are strewn across the yard, which could cater to homeowners with a penchant for plants that have been scorched by fire.

Of course, Chemdawg 91 strain reaches to those who are not only starting out, but we can not suggest it to anyone who is only learning how to progress because it takes a lot of upkeep. On the other hand, if you choose a task to be demanding and have some time to spare, then it would be an excellent challenge for the rookie.

This plant is more prone to mildew and must be shortened when it is in the vegetative stage so it may mature upwards of 5 foot tall.

Chemgdawg 91 strain flowering time

Chemgdawg 91 strain flowering time between nine and ten weeks and generous yields of around 75 grammes per foot.

A word of caution: make sure this is crystal clear: Chem is strong if we” If you live in an environment where nosy neighbours abound, remember these before making a decision:

The herb that’s just for you

While nothing is known about it, it is generally accepted that the rumours about the effects of Chemdate-Phosphorous are true. You can do tasks in your mind for long periods of time, but you never have a sense of urgency. Considered an ideal for long conversations, it has been referred to as a good conversation candidate, particularly among Creative writers, who regard it as an earth treasured resource, Chemdawg

If Chemdad has therapeutic qualities to deliver, it has the vitality of the brain as well as the happy vibes to help with mental health problems such as fatigue, anxiety, and depression. It also offers relief for aches and pains such as migraine. This is an effective remedy across a broad spectrum of users.

the medical value of Chemdawg 91 Strain

[At the outset,] most users complain that Chemdog may be disorienting, so start with a low dose and work your way up. At first, you might be thinking too much, but after a short time period of time. You can return to your normal consciousness and focus.

About the same as Tardive Dyskinesia

However, quite a lot of research shows that marijuana can trigger a range of disorienting symptoms. Furthermore, those with psychiatric disorders have shown signs of stress and/sign suffer from the effects of anxiety. Before you begin using this tool, we urge you to ensure that you have a sound understanding of the basics.

Due to the similar characteristics to other types of marijuana, Dry skin, dry lips, and a dry throat is noticing to be characteristics of cannabis users.


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