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Skunk Xl strain is one of the largest and most prestigious cannabis strains. Learn more about Skunk XL by RQS and why this is so important for the cannabis breeding network. And why you need you to buy and how will be its smoke and taste. Whether differ from others or its taste and order excellent except other.

Skunk XL is a classic variety that is the cornerstone of all of today’s pot plants. The cropping of Colombian, Mexican, and Afghan soil, which produces a genetically diverse and rich final product, has given rise to this strain. Skunk XL is a balanced strain, with a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetic structure. 

Prizes and Award

Skunk get the award of several prizes since the burst of pressure on the stage, without surprise. In the Cannabis Cup division, she took 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup 1988.

        In Spain in 2009, Skunk has been the general winner in the category “Best strain,.” And won 1st place in the presence and flavours category, despite having been around nearly four decades, at numerous cannabis competitions worldwide, such as the 13th AMEC Cup (Asociation Madrileña de Estudios Sobre el Cannabis), in which she was the overall winner.

Skunk XL Strain: Growing attributes

The excellent qualities and stability of Skunk XL by RQS make it easy to develop the strain. Skunk is a robust specimen, which grows dark green leaves, solid roots, and good principal cola, thanks to its Afghan genetics. Growing indoors, the plant remains 60–100 cm in compact height – suitable for almost any tent or room. Outside, it can exceed 160–200 cm as high. Despite its Sativa half, Skunk XL does not extend much during flowering. Otherwise, it is an inferior maintenance plant that suits all types of environments easily. You will cultivate it in soil and hydro, and you can see excellent results using the techniques SOG and ScrOG.

Skunk XL strain has an outstanding natural mould resistance due to the high calyx to leaf ratio of the piece, facilitating strong airflow across the plant. It also makes harvesting easy for her to trim. Indoors would help if you got up to 600–650g/m2 in good conditions. Skunk XL will grow outdoors, and the strain will yield as much as 675 g/plant, ideally in a mild and sunny setting. For better performance, a greenhouse or indoor growth is preferred if you grow in a more astonishing atmosphere as in the U.K. or the Netherlands.

Its bloom time is concise 7-8 weeks, but a few more weeks help maximize the strain’s aroma and power. Overall, Skunk XL is stressful and straightforward, making it a good option for beginners to plant cannabis.


With its 50% Indica, 50 per cent Sativa genetics, she provides a marvellously balanced result if you smoke Skunk XL. She gives a powerful high body like a decent Indica, which is very soothing and calming. But not accompanied by the intense sofa lock effect of some other Indicas. She initiates a rising and euphoric buzz from her Sativa side. The influence is more robust and not only as drug-related to most equilibrated hybrids. The combined Indica-Sativa strength of Skunk XL makes it a perfect smoke for any chance – great for chilling alone or with friends and great for enjoying any moment – day or night.

Aroma and Flavour

The first Skunk XXL Strain was sumptuous, giving the strain its famous name – a “Stiny” fragrance like a skunk’s distinctive stroke. Skunk modern varieties still have an intense scent, perhaps best characterized as sweet and stinky, with earthy and faint citrus notes. In contrast to the name, the smell is not unplayable. Still, it is beloved by cannabis enthusiasts whose legendary fragrance instantly revitalizes them. Make sure you have enough air filtration if you want Skunk XL to thrive indoors. Her seasoning is really similar to her flavour. Smoke it, and a sweet fruity taste with some apparent notes of the earth is appealing to Skunk XL strain.


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