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The pressure on monster cookies, which borders on being mildly psychedelic, is one powerful bud, certainly not for newbies. It offers its users a high level of euphoria and intellectual energy, always leading to a deep relaxing, if not a sofa. Be a descendant of the strain of girl scout cookies like monster cookies and await a delicious and dessert taste – raspberry, vanilla, and baked good, in this case.

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Monster Cookies Strain

Do you know the strains that have a complex and particular history? Well, Monster Cookies are such that. Due to their colorful appearance and recognizable aromas, the cannabis industry has been aroused. Although the roots of this powerful plant have been very confirmed, some skeptics still have ideas about the origin of this bud…

Anyone who has ever tried the Monster cookies strain cannot ignore Granddaddy Purple’s obvious traits. the famous, vibrant bud who earned many awards for her distinguished appearance. Combine that with the mythical Girl Scout cookies and packs one hell of a high, sweet Buddy.

Many who don’t yet assume that Granddaddy Purple is another Girl Scout cookie phänotype and we can see from which they come. Due to GSC’s huge popularity, hundreds of variations were created in the strain. Nevertheless, we’re not sure that these familiar ties are clear between GDP and Monster Cookies!

Monster Cookies, as an 80 percent hybrid, are really good when it comes to the ideal evening strain! You could find yourself on the sofa before you realize both mental and physical relief at an all-time high.

Monster Cookies Strain Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Monster Cookies’ parent strains are popular and well-known for their distinctive flavors and both fans would love the product of smart breeding in this blossom. The fragrance is well known to those who made GDP a comeback by placing a pungent blend of earth and sweet berries from Grandaddy Purple.

Using a mouth-watering wave that forces every aspiring cannabis enthusiast to explore more, notes about sweeter beers with gasy undertones come first into the breath. When you cut the dense bud, a spicy, fruity smell will hit you which takes on an almost incense-like aroma.

It’s a truly complex blend of overwhelmingly sweet aromas


Although it is true that most of the delicious flavors of Monster Cookies come from Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout cookies are certainly recognizable for our palate. It is a magnificent bud for someone with a sweet tooth, with deliciously sweet vanillas and fruity notes!

Monster Cookies’ smoke is super smooth and suitable for users with the less experienced back of the throat who cannot accept a hard kick.

When you exhale, you will get hit with a dank taste than before and will soon be followed by a dangerously heavier blast of sweet and savory cherry.


Here the bud comes to life, offering many of the visual traits that made it so well known to Granddaddy purple; any growers would love to grow this vibrant plant for themselves and will take precaution to follow growing instructions to take advantage of the vitality of this bud.

With medium-size, unbelievably thick forest-green sponges, monster cookies are very typical of an Indica in stature. The deep green leaves are tightly coiled all over the plant with fiery orange hair sprinkled in a sticky layer of trichomes.

If properly grown, Monster Cookies release lively blue and purple hues to the plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

With the highest reported levels at around 15% and lowest at 10%, Monster cookies give a modest THC range. Don’t let your average status be fooled; this is still a pungent bud that will serve you to the top!

Benefits Monster Cookies Strain

What we value about this bud is that it provides a number of advantages, from extreme euphoria, tension, and anxiety, to actual numbness suitable for chronic pain and many other conditions. Monster Cookies will allow you to easily unwind as your skin melts into a happy state of meditation at the smallest doses. You can almost impossible relax in a couch-lock state in more substantial quantities, so it’s your pick!

In any event, it’s definitely a creeper high. With the physical feeling originating from the head and the neck, and slowly going through the rest of the body, leaving a trail of leisure behind. While cerebral, there are few cases of paranoid and excessively nervous users. Who believes this bud is the best option for those who are anxious, PTSD, or slightly depressed.


We would say that monster cookies are mostly a physical burden. Since they have evolved to have not only calmed down the mind. But they also leave the body feeling weightless, painless, and unbelievably comfortable. Monster cookies have been used by patients with nausea, headaches, migraines, chronic pain. And even muscle spasms to profit from their potent physical effects.

We must figure out that other users believe the psychedelic effects of Monster Cookies are bordering on Trippies. But we’d suggest you get away from the bud if this is something you don’t want to encounter.

If you are looking to relax and open your mind to your creative side, Monster Cookies are the ideal companion. Watch a movie, read a book, or even enjoy your romantic rendezvous physically high with your partner. Your choice is yours!


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