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Loud Dream Lemon Kush Strain

Loud Dream lemon kush strain is not the hybrid type of two or more strains. The Loud Seeds breeder instead tried to follow Blueberry‘s F1 phenotype. Loud Dream is the dominant Sativa hybrid strain cannabis marijuana created by crossing with Blue Dream F1 plants. And get strain at his door to get a taste and check the smoke of it.

Loud Dream Lemon Kush Marijuana Information

One may assume from its name that it causes a high dream or makes people nap. Neither is the solution. Much of the symptoms are brain though Indica is dominant. Thus, consumers should anticipate a balanced high level of this burden.

It is not one of the world’s most strong strains with high THC. It’s above average, though. Yet the symptoms do not tend to be severe psychoactive. As such, it has created its niche among those who want strong yet gentle strains.


The smells of Loud Dream are often described as sweet and floral. The lavender’s friendly scent is also obvious. Its scent is generally gentle and calming, to some extent.


We developed earlier that stress does not lead to a dreamy high for consumers. It’s not also sleeping for humans. Some Sativa symptoms are becoming more receptive in such a way that sounds are quieter. This is not true of this strain, either.

Naturally, this strain is not intended to demonstrate its excellent qualities.

Notice that it’s an Indica hybrid of 60 per cent. However, the effects are brain. It starts with an uplifting gentle feeling. In the case of too many, such a feeling could relax people. Soon, the same emotion becomes more euphoric. Then world peace becomes a reality after decades of elegance. The greatest use of Loud Dream lemon kush strain is to make people feel good, apart from humour. Humour.

While the physical height begins to stabilise, the Sativa side continues to affect it. It provides a revitalising impression that clears and sharpens the head. The outcome is that consumers feel healthy, stay active and comfortable sense both mentally and physically interacts perfectly.

Loud Dream is good for use throughout the day. It will make people sociable, really. So expect giggles and fun to go hand in hand with a little chat.

Another thing about the strain which many people might be interested in is that it can induce excitement. This is not the only burden that can make people feel tired or locked onto their couches but only a few do not, thereby negating anything pleasant. Loud Dream’s one of those handfuls.


Many of the fragrance holds new earth note. 
smooth smoking sensation is assisted by peppery, acidic aftertaste.


One of the best stuff Loud Dream lemon kush strain is to relieve the burden of the eye. In addition, minor chronic pain relief and pains provide the other potential medicinal advantages of this strain. It may also be used to reduce depression among medical uses of cannabis.


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