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If it is an option, then it seems to me that I should be able to buy Jack Herer strain online. In order to honour one of the most significant cannabis growers in history, a spring weed strain was developed. It was also awarded nine awards at the annual Cups of the Cannabis Cups for Best-in-Class Flower.

Jack Herer was a guy who struggled enormously for the legalisation of cannabis and marijuana – which he had to consider since his attempts were made years before the legitimacy of ganja in the US was deemed a possible option.

The Jack Herer cannabis strain, like the person itself, is a quintessence mix that combines a multitude of realms. It has a distinctive but delicate aroma, a superb, shrivelling highness, an effective therapeutic ability and an enormous number of stimulating and energising effects.

Any would believe that the world of cannabis use was revolutionised by Jack Herer (the weed) – much as Jack Herer (the Man) inspired and revolutionised the war on cannabis.

This cherished cannabis strain is genuinely a global favourite, bred to be an appreciation of marijuana mogul Jack Herer (author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes).

At Sensi Seeds, the brilliant Dutch breeders have done a real job of re-creating the identity of Herer and the historical importance, transforming his optimistic nature and everlasting vitality into an ephemeral strain of universality.

Go ahead to see the extent of influence the Jack Herer strain has on the cannabis world; the strains that have been created by OG Jack Herer become a plant parent for wide-ranging common cannabis strains, such as Jack Skellington, Jack the Ripper, Critical Jack and Jack’s Cleaner.

If Jack Herer himself was here now, he can certainly take great pride in the achievements of the cannabis industry in the last decade or so. And in fact, the most appropriate way of honouring such a timeless figure is to create a name strain for one of the founders of marijuana advocacy.

Jack Herer Parent

This 55% Sativa 45 per cent Indica is a well thought out mix that provides performance on either side of the spectrum. This well-generated blend is said to be between the parent strains, Shiva Skunk (India), Northern Lights #5 (Indica), and Haze (Sativa).

Jack Herer cannabis holds brilliant medicinal promise for a variety of people due to the warm mix of genetic techniques and Indica.

While not 100 per cent confirmed the roots of the strain, it is widely recognised that Jack Herer cannabis contains around 18 to 24 per cent THC material, which makes it more likely to yield the results you like.

Apart from the amazing sensations, Cannabis from Jack Herer is also very easy to grow, providing a medium-sized yield, which for the flowering period is less than normal. (Continue to read below to learn more about Jack Herer cultivation).

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer herb has a distinct but delightful fragrance that recalls much of the damp, skunky soil that might be found in old woodland. This is one of those strains where the bond to nature can be felt frankly and you can expect Jack Herer to give pine, wooded hints that choose the unavoidable dank odor of Skunk genetics when the first fragrance reaches you.

Jack Herer’s initial notes contain a kind of citrus flavor, with lemon and orange burning exposed through a nuanced mix of aromas.

You should foresee close notes to the flavor of the flora with an added subtle sugar that makes the tastebuds nice and happy.

In addition, you might also feel any moments of herbal flavor, perhaps close to a favorite green leafy tea. The Jack Herer strain is genuinely unique, as although the typical ‘Sativa reaction’ is generated in both bodies and mind it has hybrid effects after your first few tokes of the flower. The effects are more than visible.

Jack Herer, moreover, has a profound capacity to make extreme resin quantity, which makes it a crystalline and sparkling strain, the buds of which shine like diamonds into the light.

The sucre leaves of the strain appear to be wise green mostly because of the coiled orange hair (pistles) between a green garden, providing an overall sharp contrast. The water leaves of Jack Herer are brilliant, green forests, perhaps paying tribute to the pine and earth’s ancient woodland smell.

Mind And Body Effects

Jack Herer is certainly an adequate alternative if you are someone who would want energy and a pick-up from your cannabis strains. You can plan to feel ready to go with the results that kick almost immediately after you smoke a bit of this stuff (that means that this vital “wake-n’bake” won’t take long to waste).

You should start to feel good to go after smoking a little of this, with almost instantaneous consequences.

The strain Jack Herer will also help you to conduct profound, insightful talks, and to speak with a friendly, hysterical and light heart. And don’t fret either about losing consciousness, as these nugs keep you alert and still on your toes (but not typically in a way that brings about anxiety or nervousness).

You may end up with the impression that you will be flown through the clouds later on in your height, when, as Jack Herer starts getting tired it generates an intense wave of euphoria which isn’t inherently soothing.

Jack Herer weeds, considered an ideal day or after work, are best saved for a short while before bedtime. Otherwise, it can turn you around and try to sleep all evening.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer strain

Jack Herer cannabis has a very large number of possible medicinal advantages, with much of them in the continuum of neurological diseases. The burden is considered to help people who are dealing with depression and anxiety or persistent stress, PTSD, or ADHD, is an especially helpful way.

Jack Herer usually tends you regain concentration and consciousness whilst soothing the stomach, rising hunger, and addicting any discomfort you may have underlying.

However, if you choose to use Jack Herer weed to assist with severe pain, fatigue, appetite loss, or migraines, it is safest to take a big dose directly from the door. If you choose to eat the greatest dosage imaginable, the only solution is to make alternative types of weed, such as edible, extract, live resin, and candies.

It is necessary to note to avoid taking certain doses of marijuana strain that will surpass the tolerance levels for those with other psychiatric problems (such as stress). Overconsumption of THC may cause paranoia or anxiety to increase.

Jack Hererstrain can have side effects

As you might suspect, since using Jack Herer strain dry mouth and dry eyes are the most frequent adverse reactions. Both cases can be solved quickly if you are hydrated before, before, or after your high eyes as well as if you are moisturizing with your eyes at any time.

As you would guess, dry mouth and dry eyes are the most frequent adverse reactions after Jack Herer is consumed.

Even if Jack Herer is very rare, anxiety will theoretically occur in those who are vulnerable to the hysteria caused by THC. It is safest to just turn your eyes and take a deep breath if you begin to feel you fall into dark or irrational corridors when stoned. Continue to say that it would move high and nobody has ever died of an excess of weed!

I hope this will allow you to become a possibility and to return you to reality. (And, to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC, either take a dose or two of CBD oil).




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