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Balla Berries strain is now popular due to its sale in European counties coffeeshop due to its THC Level. An ordinary hybrid strain. That is a perfect combination of some strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa when crossing correctly.

There are many flavours of Balla Berrie’s weed on the weed area that are a little uneven, favouring 60% Indica. Still, either way, as the name of strain show has wealthy own, that gives you great medical effect like a sweet treat for those who like a comfortable after using this intense high.

Berries Genetics And Indica or Sativa

Mainly Indica strain but also slightly Indica dominant hybrid with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. And the unknown combination of Berry strains.

THC 21%-22%

With a mean THC content of 21%-22%, this strain isn’t for folks that plan on working or driving any time soon. Balla Berries Strain slams into your brain and buzzes for a brief time before finally pulling back. At this time, you will feel relieved and comfortable. The high spread flows your whole body, leaving you relaxed, calm, and ready for bed at any time of the day. This is often why we recommend the evening for this particular strain: the berry flavour goes great with bedtime, and thus, the high promises to urge you there smoothly.




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