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A heavy strain that appears to “crease” its consumers. Many who enjoy a soft, smooth ascent will enjoy the effort. If the user hits their peak, though, they also experience a euphoric and edifying experience, accompanied by total relaxation.

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The Banana OG Cannabis Strain is mix of OG Kush and Banana Kush that is dominating Indica. 
This strain is the result of the interbred of two distant cousins within the Kush family, who are engineered to produce powerful blend of banana kush.
Besides its iconic flavour, Banana OG is of vital consistency and thus has an incredibly strong impact entirely on the world’s THC content.

Since Banana OG seems to crawl over you since you first imbibed it, it is widely known as the “creeper.” In comparison, this stress will leave you feeling like nothing changed, and your bud must be somewhere deficient, with several other strong strains, where symptoms are visible almost instantly.

This also encourages people to smoke ever more and believe that they have some kind of supernatural immunity only then finally discover that their pot never does work. Then you suddenly remember that, so many, you have smoked.

Banana OG Cannabis Strain Info:


The main scent you find is, as you would suspect, fresh bananas from a strain called Banana OG. The fruity, tropical odour is undermined by a soft, citronella-like citrus quality. After the split buds began to separate, and earthy spiciness comes out that often smells of freshly cut grass and some traditional Kush flavours.

Given the fact that this strain is called Banana OG, its real aroma profile is very closely similar to its OG Kush family and provides its buds, which are both essential pot aromas and something totally different, with an undeniably acidic, nasal scent.


The very first sense of fragrance when smoking this strain of fruit is earthy, compromised by a tangy tropical sensation. Dream of a Capri Sun flavour or some other tropical cocktail commercially available. There is a richness that reduces the harshness of the tropical flavours and does not overwhelm the taste.

The exhale of OG Kush or some other family member is oddly different and gives a deeply hash-like, diesel taste that is very familiar to all those who have ever liked it.

The tastes are distinct but they tend to blend together to produce a whole new thing. Lemony citrus, and even the occasional portion of spicy oak, make this Indica Hybrid strain very close to a very good aged whisky taste.


Banana OG has a distinct taste and scent, but somehow can be almost a parody of all types of pot. It has a usually pale, green look that is very typical of Indian varieties, with its close and dense bud growth.

Although some enticing orange-set pistils on the outside of the bud offer an ever more furry appearance, this strain looks like any other kind of cane in the country, without all kinds of interesting or distinctive colour palettes.

However, the flowers of the strain are incredible, with deep amber colour that looks like the undergoing sun on clear day.
But you will never see this for yourself until you grow it yourself. So, what do you need to know to grow yourself some Banana OG?

THC Content – Highest Test

Banana OG Cannabis Strain isn’t just an outstanding strain for its taste and effects, but it also shows that its unbelievably high amounts of THC remain aromatic and not overweight on the palate.

While many Indica strains have an average of around 12.5% of THC, it is likely Banana OG has an average of 22% of THC and some actual samples are up to 25%. Banana OG is therefore one of the most available strains to treat a range of medical conditions.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Banana OG normally has very low degree of CBD as ever with heavy THC strains. 
Without an example of some CBD material that is really more than 1%, Banana OG isn’t big effort if you’re searching for CBD content benefits.
But that doesn’t only mean that banana OG isn’t great in treating those diseases, since CBD is also considered the main therapeutic cannabinoid.

Banana OG Cannabis Strain Medical Benefits

Because of its astronomically high THC content, Banana OG is mostly useful as a medication. At this THC level, you can perform extremely well with the body’s CB1 receptors if you imbibe a pot strain.

Banana OG is a major stress to use by discouraging neurochemicals and brain functions that trigger pain, both in the physiological and in the psychological disorder. In addition, this pressure is perfect for assisting you with psychiatric illness and addiction, due to its massively euphoric effects that leave you in a state of total disgust.

Since this strain is magically capable of completely banning every bodily activity that wants to do it, Banana OG Cannabis Strain is great for dealing with insomnia-related problems. While this pressure does not really knock you out or make you sleep, its deep sense of rest and overall sense of calm allowing you to sleep happily.

There are, of course, a few unpleasant drawbacks with fantastic medicinal benefits.

Possible Side Effects Banana OG Cannabis Strain

The most notable and perhaps most serious side effects are the tendencies to induce fear and anxiety in this strain.

This is presumably because of its high THC content, albeit low, as CBD has been associated with reducing paranoia incidents and adverse effects from THC for a long time.

However, the high amount of THC in this strong strain means you should generally stay away from it if you suffer from anxiety or fear already. You will definitely live in an excessively paranoid and anxious state by the improved mental acuity and the mixture of couch lock and lively thinking habits.

In addition to these undesirable adverse reactions, typical complaints of dry eyes and a dry mouth are provided that any decently heavy tribulation of marijuana will induce a glass of water.

Finally, this strain is known to trigger large amounts of munchies so make sure you have a snack or enjoy a meal in the vicinity to satiate the impending bout of hunger.


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