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Bakerstreet tweed Sorte

Bakerstreet tweed Sorte is a straight Indica and the original kush strain and is remarkably powerful for a not hybrid strain. Baker street sorte is very thick and heavy and tendential. The kush lines are a precursor to other strains like the common OG Kush, which we market as Bogart.

Tweed’s Bakerstreet is the Indica-dominant greenhouse strain with very high THC potential. Its thick, green buds are marked with orange-tinted pistils and are coated with trichomes, and terpinolene has a juniper aroma in its terpene profile. It is available in different sizes of dried flora.




Very Strong


20.00 – 26.00%

200.00 – 260.00 mg/g


0.00 – 1.00%

0.00 – 10.00 mg/g

Plant Type

Indica Dominant

Strain Name

Hindu Kush


Cymene, Eudesmols, Myrcene, Selinadienes, Terpinolene

Growing region

Smiths Falls, ON

Grow method




This brand flower is being tried for the first time. I bought 1 gram, there was no blanket, there was no dark green, there were crystals coated with tricombs and there was a very dense scent. The perfume includes earthy, wood-based, musky, and herbal fragrances. Via a bong, I smoked the kush. I scaled .5 and smoked it in one hit with a.5 bowl slice. My eyelids were thick, my eyes pinkish and shiny, I felt so wet, fluffy. It wasn’t a sluggish reaction like I expected. When time passed, I got more lethargic. It took about 1 hour to achieve the high. With the rest, I smoked another two bong hits. Around 3 hours. Feel so sweet, felt complete happiness.

Feel so sweet, felt complete happiness. I got hungry lol and that night too I could sleep pretty well. The high level of THC shows that this strain is NOT for beginners. This is for all of you who want nothing, to be alone and enjoy your own company!!! He purchased it at a new factory called Shiny Bud in Toronto. The employees are diverse, skilled and skilled. The world is social, warm and inclusive in its colours.


10 grams, 113 grams, 256 grams, 28 grams, 456 grams, 56 grams


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