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Being the cross of four very strong landrace strains, it’s no wonder that the AK-47 got its name; as it really packs quite a potent punch. This strain not only has a high THC dose but also a decent amount of CBD as well, so it’s perfect for treating physical pains. However, the AK 47 strain tastes sweet, delicate, and flowery, contrary to its name, the whole opposite to a Russian rifle.

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The AK 47 strain is a four-layered genetic miracle, as powerful as a rocket launcher shot — but not as powerful as you can feel. This beloved strain “high” on medicinal benefits, low on negative and positive side effects, is set off and promoted to heal itself while massive relief from a variety of diseases.

Globally, with their intense THC quality and out-of-this-world taste profile, AK-47 has made headlines and won numerous competitions (16 to be specific, including the high-timers Weed Cup). This strain has become a go-to type of cannabis and a staple in the medical offices of both medical patients and stoners.

So, no wonder, if you want the kick-ass joy-bringing hybrid, you certainly want to try it, you’re going to hear that this is one of the world’s most highly rated strains. Certainly.

The Basics AK 47 Strain

AK-47, classified as a composite dominating Sativa, has an enormous amount of consequences and advantages for both mind and body. This weed is a mix of four common and strong landrace marijuana strains genetically engineered: Colombian, Mexican, Afghani, and Thai.

While Sativa is the majority, AK-47 has a certain indicia (most samples around the United States have an Indica profile of approximately 65%). The high quality of this cannabis does, however, really shine because it creates flowers with a material of about 20% THC (at least when examined during verified lab tests).

However, CBD amounts are on the lower side (usually just about 1.5%), and you might choose to prevent this by finding something more evenly related to THC-to-CBD if you are like someone who happens to be impaired by high-THC strains.

AK 47 Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

AK-47 is a strain with highly herbal aromas with a smelled scent not only of the ‘general taste of cannabis,’ but also of its own distinct “flavors” nature.

In fact, the initial fragrance that reaches the nose is a little acidic, followed by floral and earthy aromas soon after.

apparently, truly AK-47 is colorful lime green with a mixture of light red-orange hair, with little hair curling and tilting between the leaves of candy. The buds also look white silver because of their massive THC material, which coats the smokeable leaves in shiny crystals (also referred to as trichomes).

The entire AK-47 plant is generally very high and broad in width with conspicuous, large, spruce-like calyxes. All in all, it is something to behold both the taste profile and the physical stature of this beauty.

Marijuana: Mind + Body Effects

The results of AK 47 cannabis are best characterized as elevation, providing an overwhelming resolution to tension and anxiety. The pressure also encourages creative people to reflect on and deepen their art and provides a comfortable place where they can totally let go and captivate the inspiration.

And inevitably, after a hard-working day, AK-47 couples eloquently with some coarse melodies, when it’s time to rest and relax.

At least compared to other hybrid weed strains, the buzz from the high of AK-47 lasts very long (at about 3-4 hours). It is also a strain that can thoroughly stimulate both the mind and body in ways that are not possible in other Sativa strains.

It also helps to place the users in a mild trance where they are motivated to achieve their objectives for the day. As opposed to other high-THC Sativa, it helps to turn you into productivity and not to overwork your mind to the extent of excessive paranoia.

Medical Benefits of AK 47 Marijuana

Usually, the medicinal effects of AK-47 weeds are very good, since it is a strain of marijuana that offers great support to persons with a wide variety of diseases.

Many coping with psychiatric problems – such as mood, depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia – will find that this severe pressure will normally be therapeutic.

Ses people should be vigilant though when smoking some high THC weeds, as mood disturbance will increase the risk of fear, anxiety, and tension triggered by cannabis. This is better avoided by establishing limits and adhering to them (it is always wise to start out small and build up as necessary).

AK-47, like chronic discomfort, nausea, exhaustion, loss of appetite, and headaches, can also reduce physical pain and anxiety. An AK-47 can help reduce pains and nausea from chemotherapy and other treatments for people with serious medical conditions. Overall, the strain AK-47 will help individuals who have a wide spectrum of medicinal challenges.

AK 47 Strain Negative Side Effects

Fortunately, this heavy strain of weed has only a few harmful side effects for those who enjoy AK-47 or are extremely inspired to pursue it, apart from the usual side effects of ingestion of cannabis.

Cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dry eyes – all quickly handled by additional training and preparing, among others, are the most common negative impacts. Before, after, and during the high, Cottonmouth can be minimized by drinking a lot of moisturizing drinks. Hydrating eyelashes at a local supermarket can keep the eyes in disrepair.

Best of all, weeds (such as THC-caused anxiety) usually do not have the worst possible harmful consequences of AK-47. As such, it is definitely not necessary for those who ingest this strain to think about being paranoid, dizzy, or anxious (but don’t take it for a guarantee).


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